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Volume Volume XXXIII - October 1998


By President, Dr. Curtis G. Kuster

Each year, the President is asked to give a few remarks, and I will share just a few brief comments. At nearly 7:00 on a Sunday evening, I think that’s all that anyone would want. Basically, what I’m going to do is . . . give, in essence, a year-end report . . . a State of the Organization Report.

As I stated last year at this time, the strength of our organization is at the local chapter level. As many of you know, a questionnaire was sent to each chapter this past year asking them to describe their unique programs. These were then compiled and sent back to the individual chapters with the hope that we each can learn what others are doing and maybe borrow from each other those good ideas. After reading the surveys, I’m even more impressed with what is going on at the local level . . . the chapters are doing some very, very innovative things, and they serve and honor their current and future members well. Likewise, the National Chapter held a symposium. We just finished about 45 minutes ago. It was the first symposium we have held in years. I hope that many of you were able to attend and found it to be beneficial. I would like to publicly thank first, Ken Kalkwarf for coming up with the idea of the topic . . . certainly a very timely topic. So, Ken, I thank you for this. I also would like to personally and publicly thank Mike Siegel for planning the symposium. Mike, thank you very much. I hope you all enjoyed it. I think it was well received . . . certainly that the room was filled. Again, a very timely topic and I hope you found the symposium that we co-sponsored to be beneficial. As I mentioned, this was co-sponsored with other organizations . . . and it accomplished the following objectives: (1) To provide OKU with more visibility. I think that one of the objectives we have is to give OKU increased visibility among dental education and among other dental circles. The seminar achieved that. (2) To initiate interaction with Sigma Phi Alpha. This was the first coordinated effort that OKU and Sigma Phi Alpha have had together. We hope that this will set a precedent and we can have future projects together. (3) To work more closely with AADS. The Symposium was also cosponsored with the Legal Issues Special Interest Group of AADS. We hope this effort begins a process for cosponsoring future symposia programs with different interest groups or sections of AADS. Again, I hope these goals were accomplished this past year. Additionally, we presented the initial OKU - Stephen Leeper Award for Excellence in Teaching. We hope it will be viewed as the national teaching award for dental education. I think we’re off to a very fine start with that goal.

This past year saw some excellent things accomplished. I hope and I know there will be many more in the future. OKU stands for excellence and we are blessed with excellent future leadership. Thank you for the honor of serving as your President this past year and for the honor of following in the footsteps of Dr. Don Keene, Dr. Bill Kramer, and Dr. Steve Leeper, all fellow Nebraskans. And in keeping with that theme, I will finish by saying, Go OKU and go Big Red. Thank you very much.