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Volume XLI - October 2006

Constitution & Bylaws Report

The Constitution and Bylaws Committee [Drs. John Reinhardt (chair), Lloyd George, Michael Siegel and Jeffrey Stewart] did not meet formally but conducted business via e-mail during this past year. We had two major items of business.

The first matter dealt with the use of OKU membership status relative to advertising. In August 2005 the Committee drafted a "Policy on Use and Misuse of OKU Membership" for consideration by the Board of Directors and membership. (Click here for policy)

In addition, proposed changes to our bylaws are presented relative to enforcement of the above stated policy. (Click here for proposed revision.)

The second matter was to respond to a request for a component chapter "template" for bylaws. The request came from the faculty of the Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health, who wish to organize a component chapter. We reviewed the existing template, which we found to be substantially out-of-date, and then revised the template to be in line with our current Supreme Chapter Bylaws. That work was completed in October. (The template is available upon request to the Secretary-Treasurer.)

It has been a pleasure to serve as the Bylaws Committee chair this past year, and I commend the committee members for their thoughtful and prompt manner in dealing with the items of business we addressed. I am sorry that I cannot present this report in person, but please feel welcome to contact me if there are any questions about it.

John W. Reinhardt, Chair

(The report was delivered at the annual business meeting by committee member Dr. Lloyd George).