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Volume XV - October 2010

President's Address (2009-2010)

By Dr. Lloyd George


It has been an honor and a privilege to be elected and serve as president of the Supreme Chapter. It's been a busy year and you should all be proud of the Board of Directors. Their hard work and belief in the traditions of OKU is what makes this organization work. Drs. Cederberg, our president-elect & Dr. Veselicky, vice president are both very hard workers, very knowledgeable and committed to OKU; Dr. James Delahanty, our editor, and Dr. Jon Suzuki, our secretary treasurer, serve as the glue that keeps this organization headed in the right direction and without whom OKU just wouldn't work as well. And, the Supreme Chapter couldn't work without Ms. Jan John, our corresponding secretary, who supports the Supreme Chapter as well as component chapters. Jan, your assistance is greatly appreciated by everyone.

This past year we had some communication problems regarding our bylaws, all of which I take complete responsibility for, and you should be receiving those bylaw proposals within a month or two. I believe the communication problems have been addressed in our board meeting earlier today. Please review those and feel free to offer modifications your chapter believes is warranted.

I would like to encourage all of you to keep the New Educator Grant in mind with your thoughts and donations, as this project is close to fruition, but not quite there yet.

Also this year we had many very good nominations for offices and committees, more so than past years, and I encourage all who are interested to please come to the front and give Dr. Suzuki your business card or write the information down on a piece of paper to bring to him. I would like to thank all of you again for your support this past year.

Thank you.